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Covid-19 update 27/07/2021:

We held our first meeting for more than a year on the 26th July and about a dozen of us met to have a chat and admire the models on display.

The hall has reverted to their normal cleaning schedule and have requested that it would be very helpful if we could wipe down the surfaces that we use. They have also requested that we take care when using the tables and chairs to try to preserve their newly refurbished floor.

From our own perspective, despite restrictions being lifted , we will continue to run the evening in as COVID a safe way as possible , maintaining good ventilation and keeping the meeting numbers small enough for people to be able to be socially distanced as they see fit.

I would request that you let me know if you are likely to attend as that would help estimate the catering requirements.

We have decided that the following measures would be sensible for our first few meetings while we try to find the optimum way forward:

  • No charge so no money has to be handled.
  • Paper plates, cups and disposable cutlery or bring your own mug.
  • Biscuits and individual cakes so that cakes don’t have to be handled for cutting up.
  • Hand sanitiser at the door and the serving hatch, wipes to clean surfaces and table tops.
  • Attendees to wear masks as much as possible.

We hope these measures will give members the confidence they need to attend and we are happy to discuss your views on what you would like to do for future meetings.

As we haven’t been able to meet since February 2020 we have been producing a monthly newsletter to help us stay in touch.  These are available here:

M5-M50 NGM News – April 2020

M5-M50 NGM News – May Pt 1 2020

M5-M50 NGM News – May Pt 2 2020

M5-M50 NGM News – June 2020

M5-M50 NGM News – July 2020

M5-M50 NGM News – August 2020

M5-M50 NGM News – September 2020



Bonus Christmas Issue! M5-M50-NGM-News-December-2020








We will continue to produce the newsletter even with the resumption of our meetings as some of us will either not wish to attend or be able to attend.  These will be based on any news from our meetings and any contributions.  This way we should be able to keep in touch with as many members as possible.

The newsletters have been emailed out to all the members for which we have an email.  If you haven’t received any message it will either be because we don’t have your email or we have the wrong email.  Please contact us if you wish to be added to the email distribution.

Formed around 2010 from a group of like-minded narrow gauge railway enthusiasts, the group was aptly named due to the meeting location at Twyning.  The Village hall kindly agreed to the construction of a small cupboard where the test track boards and controllers could be stored. 

The first exhibition was held at the Corse and Stanton Village Hall in October 2011 and repeated in the following two years.  The fourth show was help in October 2015, again at the Corse and Stanton Village Hall. 

Whilst these shows were great fun, the venue was too small to accommodate all of the exhibitors and traders who wanted to come along.  Hence, it was decided to hold a much larger show in Tewkesbury in 2017.  Although that show was a great success, the venue was too fragmented and we have decided to return to the original (albeit much smaller) venue.

Photo galleries for the 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019 shows are available on the Gallery page.

Our last show was held on the 19th October 2019 at Corse & Staunton Village Hall and at the moment we have not made a decision on when to hold the next one. 

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