M5-M50 Narrow Gauge Modellers – report 25 September 2017

Next meeting: Monday 30 October 2017.
Our September meeting attracted a total of 30 people, not quite a record but fortunately
extra supplies of cake had been provided to keep everyone happy. As usual, Martyn Davies
brought a range of 009 items from Hereford Model Centre, though he will not be able to
attend our October meeting. For our November meeting we plan to have a festive
celebration, as there will be no meeting at the end of December.
Much time was spent sorting out some final aspects of the group’s exhibition at Tewkesbury
on 07 October, which will have taken place by the time you read this report. If you were
there we hope you enjoyed the show but if you missed it hopefully you’ll be able to attend
our next event at this venue in February 2019; watch out for the exact date in due course.
There will be a report on the show in the next 009 News no doubt accompanied by many
photos. Much work has gone into making this show a success, so let’s hope the attendance
figures reward the efforts made by the small but hard-working organising team and all those
who helped on the day.
You are assured of a warm welcome at our meetings, with cake and coffee, in the company
of like-minded narrow-gauge enthusiasts. We meet on the last Monday of the month, our
next meetings being on 30 October and 27 November starting at 19.30 hours at Twyning
village hall near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 6DF.
Nicolas Wheatley

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