ALDBOURNE – built and exhibited by Adrian Ponting

This is a model of an English narrow gauge railway as it would have appeared in the early years of the twentieth century and is inspired by the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway that once ran in North Devon. Simply for the purpose of providing place names the model is set in north-east Wiltshire where the railway would have linked the villages of Ramsbury and Aldbourne to the standard gauge railways at Marlborough.

The subject of the model is the terminus of the railway at Aldbourne. The track plan is not based on any particular railway but was designed to make this simple station interesting to operate. Similarly, the buildings are not based on any particular prototypes but are typical of those found on a small railway. Until some cottages are built to represent the village you will see that the railway ends if not in then next to the proverbial ploughed field.

The layout incorporates items from many sources, only a few of that are special to 009; the rest are just 4mm/ft scale.